One final prayer...



The Day Is Near

In a world grappling where the gospel appears to have reached every corner of the planet,  Pastor John Mathews had lived a life preaching the gospel in the heart of Georgia, but nothing could prepare him for the revelation that lay in an old scripture: the last  soul needing salvation on Earth. "The Last Amen" unravels a story of struggle, faith, and the power of divine providence.  Journey with us as we explore the depths of belief, clash of wordviews and the power of a single prayer to usher in the final act of God.

  • Director
  • Director
  • Executive Producers
  • Screenplay
  • Story
  • Cast
  • Jackson Mitchell
  • Lydia Hartman
  • Rajiv Desai
  • Fiona Gallagher
  • Sebastian Torres
  • Nora Fields
  • Ethan Wallace
  • Leo Richmond
  • Samuel Greene
  • Amelia Dawson
  • Diego Alvarez


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Don't miss the film that's poised to captivate hearts and stir souls. A tale of hope, redemption, and the certainty  of God’s plan.


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